On the Move! Spynel-M Exceeds Mobile Testing Evaluations

13/05/2016 19:46

SPYNEL-M was tested recently for a mobile surveillance application, mounted on a moving Humvee it was able to accurately detect and track targets in its surroundings.

During a recent exercise organized by OSD, HGH demonstrated the highly compact and portable SPYNEL-M unit in collaboration with the US Army. The SPYNEL-M was installed at a remote location, 2 km away from the Command and Control Center, and data/video was sent out through wireless antennas. The SPYNEL-M was very effective at detecting and tracking walkers and ATVs alike, during both day and night scenarios. The weather was at times extremely windy and humid, but the ruggedized camera handled the challenging environment seamlessly. The SPYNEL-M was also mounted at the back of a Humvee, off road, at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and sustained shocks without impairing the image quality. All the footage was recorded for post-analysis purposes. SPYNEL is an excellent system for day/night scouting mission and mobile surveillance platforms.

A_Spynel M600 at the back of a humvee
Spynel-M installed on the back of a Humvee for mobile surveillance applications
Cyclope software running in C2_2km away from sensor
The compact Spynel-M participating in a mobile demonstration; Cyclope screenshot displayed on tablet