Combined Acoustic and Infrared Surveillance Solution

01/03/2013 15:28

HGH Infrared Systems Introduces New Combined Acoustic and Infrared Surveillance Solution at TNT SOCOM

Cambridge, Massachusetts (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

HGH Infrared Systems and ACOEM showcased their newly combined sniper detection solution at TNT SOCOM this week in South Florida. The SPYNEL-C and the PILARw Ground combination is a unique solution for before, during, and after a shot is fired. While the SPYNEL-C provides near real-time panoramic infrared imaging with detection and tracking capabilities, the PILARw Ground system ensures firearm discharge detection and localization within two seconds. During the live demonstrations this week, the systems successfully detected the location of snipers and were able to track their movements over the image.

When a shot is detected and localized, the PILARw Ground system emits a warning signal and the position of the gunner is displayed as a target on the 360° images provided by the SPYNEL-C. The system was first successfully demonstrated to US SOCOM in March 2012. Both HGH Infrared Systems and ACOEM have deployed their sensors in theater for the US Department of Defense. This new solution should open opportunities for fixed applications in Force Protection as well as mobile ones.

Download the Spynel-C/PILARw Ground Brochure

SPYNEL-C/PILARw sniper detection solution

Screenshot shows sniper detection (yellow circle) and track of person

with the Spynel and PILARw combined solution


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