March 2018 - Spynel Newsletter

In 2018, we’re celebrating Spynel’s 10th Birthday. Since you first met Spynel in 2008, you have put your trust in our 360° thermal security systems.

We have gone a long way since the beginnings of Spynel. 

Security needs are growing, and so are we.


  • Our 360° IR sensors have been sold in not less than33 countries!
  • From 2016 to 2017, we achieved an exponential sales growth : +200%
  • By the end of 2018,300Spynel sensors will be in operation in the world!


As you know, 5 models of Spynelcameras cover your specific needs in wide area surveillance. For each application, from Defense to critical infrastructure protection, on land or at sea, comes a custom solution.

In 2017, the biggest security needs recorded by HGH Infrared Systems were about:

  • Perimeter Security
  • The Oil & Gas sector
  • Fighting the UAV threat

To meet those needs, the 2017 Spynel sensors you chose most were Spynel-M, Spynel-C and Spynel-S. While Spynel-M is the most compact and easily carriable 360° infrared sensor, Spynel-C has proven its worth many times at sea (French frigates), and for infrastructure protection. Spynel-S is under the spotlights with the V-LRF option released in September 2017, involving a Visible Channel and a Laser Range Finder! 



If Spynel evolves, our Cyclope Software evolves with it!  

Cyclope 5.0 is on its way; Discover the most significant innovations :

Always focused on meeting our clients’ needs, we developed Cyclope 5.0, along with its major innovation regarding the classification of threats: the Alarm Management Module.

Thanks to this new module, the user will be able to specify in advance if a detected target is a real threat, or if it is not. Cyclope will automatically distinguish between a threat and an authorized intrusion, by analyzing the behavior of the target.

In order to proceed to this automatic classification, some conditions will be editable like the speed, the size, the direction of a threat, and many other parameters. Cyclope will also be able to merge other data like AIS or ADSB, to filter out normal trafic and optimize classification.

An alarm will be launched on confirmed threats only, which means, if the conditions set up by the user match.

Many other innovations feature in the new version of Cyclope. In the event of a threat, the new Cyclope 5.0 will automatically alert your hypervisor, create a visual alarm, send you an email or even a screenshot.