Sep 2008



Kilnscan23 infrared line scanner provides line measurement of external rotary kiln shell temperature profile.

It enables control and measurement of thermal distribution, in real time. Kilnscan23 gives to the operator numerous facilities in order to optimise the kiln performances and clinker production quality, and to save on refractory maintenance costs:

  • early detection of abnormalities such as hot spots (single brick fall) or ring formation
  • coating and brick thickness calculation
  • storage of historics
  • tyre slip monitoring
  • calculation of kiln axis distorsion (thermal warp)
  • Alarm zones with digital or 4/20mA outputs
  • OPC connection for automatic data transfer to the Plant Control System
  • 3-Dimensional views
  • Atmospheric absorption correction with blackbody or pyrometer
  • Multi-licence software
  • Refractory management software

HGH are the only supplier on the market to provide scanners up to 140° Field Of View in order to monitor long kilns with only one single sensor head. HGH can also install several scanner heads for one kiln to increase the hot spot detection accuracy and/or eliminate zones of shadow due to obstacles (buildings, masts...) in the line of sight.

HGH Kilnscan sensors employ very small sensitive detectors combined with specialized aspherical optics to give the best possible sensitivity and resolution available in the industry.  This allows the user to have more flexibility in scanner head placement and still maintain a very small spot size to detect single brick falls and better monitoring of the entire kiln.

The optical sensor high performances and the numerous options offered, make this system a must-have tool for cement manufacturers. Thanks to their 400 references over the world, HGH establish themselves as a leader of thermographic sensors for cement plants.

You can play a video of our scanner software or visit our web page to read our datasheet.

Coming soon:

Pyroscan28: Pyrometric camera for burner surveillance

Coolscan27: Thermal imager for grate cooler control