HGH Infrared Systems Announces Solution to Nuclear Facilities’ Security Problems

21/08/2013 12:08

The national security of domestic nuclear plants has been getting a lot of press lately; HGH Infrared Systems has the perfect solution to secure our plants from terrorist threats.

Recently, the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project from the University of Texas released a report citing the lack of security regulations at the over 100 nuclear facilities in the US. A decade after the 2001 terrorist attacks prompted added security laws, these nuclear reactors are “inadequate to defend against a maximum, credible, non-state adversary,” the report states. 
The full report can be found: http://blogs.utexas.edu/nppp/files/2013/07/INMM-2013-July-paper.pdf

According to a recent article on CNN, coastal attacks are an issue, “Among the shortcomings cited in the report are the lack of regulations to protect against ship borne attacks at nuclear reactors situated near the coasts of California, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina and Virginia.” 
Article can be found at: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/15/us/nuclear-plants-security/index.html

There are 104 nuclear reactors in the US and 3 nuclear research facilities, one just 24 miles from the White House. If a site falls to a group of terrorists, nuclear warfare could ensue.

As a high resolution “optical radar” with automatic and real time detection of simultaneous and unlimited targets within a 360 degree panoramic image, Spynel made by HGH Infrared Systems could be just the solution these waterside nuclear sites are missing. Spynel detects a person at up to 6 km distance, even in total darkness, fog, or rain. This cost-effective, stand-alone system can secure your entire perimeter from threats in every direction while requiring minimum maintenance.